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  • Charles Rammelkamp

    Poem in Volume 1
    “Butterflies” — Page 94
    “Fast Break on the Garden State” — Page 95

    Poet’s Note in Volume 1
    Charles Rammelkamp has six poetry chapbooks in print: i don’t think god’s that cruel, and Go to Hell (March Street Press); A Convert’s Tale (Pudding House Publications); Fire Drill!, All Hallow’s Eve, and Fame (Snark Publications). He also has a collection of short fiction in print entitled A Better Tomorrow (PublishAmerica). He edited a collection of essays on American cultural issues entitled Fake-City Syndrome (Red Hen Press). His novel, The Secretkeepers, will be published in September, 2004 by Red Hen Press. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

    Acknowledgments, Permission and Copyright in Volume 1
    Charles Rammelkamp: “Butterflies” by Charles Rammelkamp originally appeared in Buckle &, and is reprinted herein by permission of Charles Rammelkamp. “Fast Break on the Garden State” by Charles Rammelkamp is printed herein by permission of Charles Rammelkamp. Copyright © by Charles Rammelkamp.[/i]

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