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    Poem in Volume 1
    “Like Pictures of Women” — Page 47

    Michael C Ford was born on the Illinois side of Lake Michigan where he witnessed the post MVP seasons of Nellie Fox playing keystone for the White Sox, and where he also saw the battling Cubbies. He recorded his paean to the barnstorming ballplayers of the Pacific Coast League in 1986. It was played by Bud “The Steamer” Furillo on KMPC and by Cleve Hermann on KFWB, and was included on a compilation CD entitled Innings. His 1987 debut vinyl was nominated for a Grammy on the first ballot and his volume of selected works from 1970 through 1995 attracted a Pulitzer Prize nomination. His latest spoken-word recording is entitled Fire Escapes. His most recent print document is Nursery Rhyme Assassin. His plays have been staged internationally including a one-act play, Termite Palce, which pays homage to the last wooden stadium in Pacific Coast minor-league baseball history. His new manuscript, To Kiss the Blood off Our Hands, has just been selected for publication later on this year by Pitchfork Press in Chicago, Illinois. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

    Michael C Ford: “Like Pictures of Women” by Michael C Ford is printed herein by permission of Michael C Ford. Copyright © by Michael C Ford.

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