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    Poem in Volume 1
    “Foreign Vineyard” — Page 13

    Don Brennan, a retired high-school teacher, won the Haight Ashbury Literary Journal 1st prize for poetry in 2000 and the Milton Dorfman 3rd prize in 2000. He was a former host of Yakety Yak poetry series from 2001 to 2002. His poetry has appeared in HALT, Throwback, Sacred Grounds Anthology, Open Window, and Mission News. His chapbook, Amusing the Beast, was self-published in 2002. And he’s a regular reader at open-reading venues in the San Francisco Bay area. He lives in San Francisco, California.

    Don Brennan: “Foreign Vineyard” by Don Brennan previously appeared in his self-published chapbook, Amusing the Beast, in 2002, and is reprinted herein by permission of Don Brennan. Copyright © by Don Brennan.

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