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    Poems in Volume 1
    “Equation” — Page 100
    “Physiognomy” — Page 101

    Poet’s Note in Volume 1
    Jacob Scanlan is a student of philosophy at the University of Houston. He has had poems published in Our Time Is Now, Poetry Motel, Rag Shack, Lone Stars, and on the Poetry Junction website. He was a guest poet on The Spoken Word, a Rice University radio show. An avid reader of poetry, he has been most influenced by the works of Emily Dickinson, Charles Baudelaire, Antonin Artaud, André Breton, Arthur Rimbaud, Gunnar Ekelöf, and Laura (Riding) Jackson.

    Acknowledgments, Permission and Copyright in Volume 1
    Jacob Scanlan: “Equation: [img:4c80b29f5c]http://www.tgaps.com/images/equation.jpg[/img:4c80b29f5c]” and “Physiognomy” by Jacob Scanlan are printed herein by permission of Jacob Scanlan. Copyright © by Jacob Scanlan.

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