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    Poem in Volume 1
    “ATTAC” — Page 73

    Poet’s Note in Volume 1
    James Heller Levinson lives in Santa Monica, California. He is the author of Bad Boys Poems (Bombshelter Press), Pulled Apart (Third Lung Press), Because You Wanted a Wedding Ring (Implodal Press), and Alameda Street (Implodal Press). He is also the author of a novel, Another Line (Watermark Press). His work has also appeared in Sulfur, Hunger, and Monkey Puzzle, among others.

    Acknowledgments, Permission and Copyright in Volume 1
    James Heller Levinson: “ATTAC” by James Heller Levinson is printed herein by permission of James Heller Levinson. Copyright © by James Heller Levinson.

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