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  • True Identities – Review

    True Identities – Review

    Author of multiple poetry books, Michelle True, uses creativity and honesty to propel readers of True Identities into visualizing themselves in today’s jungle, using instinctive and prehistoric skills to survive.

    The fear, pain, danger, beauty, love and grace of life: they are all here. Insightful statements like “All battles fought, are in the mind” could not be truer. I personally related to her struggles to listen to and enjoy life while resolving to make a difference in every moment of every day.

    True Identities is filled with entertaining and mind-stretching poetry and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys poetry.

    ISBN#: 141146002
    Author: Michelle True
    Publisher: Publish America

    ~ Lillian Brummet – Book Reviewer – Co-author of the book Trash Talk, a guide for anyone concerned about his or her impact on the environment – Author of Towards Understanding, a collection of poetry. (http://www.sunshinecable.com/~drumit)

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