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  • Review of TGAPS #1 by Barb Radmore – Front Street Reviews

    The Great American Poetry Show is a 2005 compilation of poems that were selected from over 8,000 submissions. They include poems by experienced writers and first timers. Some had been previously published in other places but not all. The poets are teachers, nurses, students and, of course, authors, to name a few. They come from a wide cross section of America to represent all the parts of the American Poetry Show.

    It would have been interesting to know what criteria was used to select these poems out of the many submissions. There is no pattern as this anthology covers the gamut of styles, lengths and ideas. They vary from 5 lines to a few pages; styles are free form to stylized. This book will be interesting to anyone who likes to keep up with the wide variety of creative exercises going on across the country.

    The hardcover book itself is well done- a colorful presentation encases the sturdy pages of verse. The editors are currently accepting submissions for the next volume of poetry which is scheduled for publication in 2007. Poets who want to see their work in a published, bound tome should check out their site for more information. The web site also includes an amazing array of links dedicated to literature in all its forms.

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