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  • Review of TGAPS #1 by Richard Lauson – small press review

    small press review – May-June 2005: Mind Candy by Richard Lauson –
    This strikingly produced cloth-bound ‘zine proclaims itself: “a serial poetry
    anthology, open year-round to submissions of poems in any subject, style and number.” A joyously creative, kaleidoscopic blend of poetry forms (a veritable bouquet), this volume delights absolutely from the wry maternal musings in Susan Ahdoot’s “Musings in the Body,” an ovarian ode upon the particular problems presented to a woman by the procreative urge, to the touchingly elegiac tone of Fredrick Zydek’s rich remembrance,
    “The Furniture at Grandma’s,” through which he paints a word portrait as fine and telling as J.M. Whistler’s celebrated canvas, “Arrangement in Grey and Black.” Open this pretty book/box of mind candy and revel in the
    verbal deliciousness of poems and prose as myriad in taste and texture as Sara Berkeley’s songworthy yet somehow forebodingly fecund “Strawberry Thief.” And wince at the brash bitterness bursting from Mel Donalson’s deft depiction of the dream factory as a damsel. Each handsomely produced page pleases the eye, ear and imagination. Certain to create eager anticipation for Volume Two.

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