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    1. Hidiot – hideous idiot

    2. Gruncle – great uncle

    3. Wayoutrageous – mindblowingly outrageous

    4. Spanglish: goofiarse – to goof off

    5. Spanglish: un goofiador – a goof-off

    6. Spanglish: siempre goofiando – always goofing off

    7. Spanglish: Sabes what you haces? (Do you know what you’re doing?)

    8. Spanglish: Fixelo. (Fix it.)

    9. Ginormous: gigantically enormous

    10. Tyrannocrat – a member of the tyrannocracy.

    11. Tyrannocracy – the ruling-elite socialist party of liberal socialists called Democrats and of conservative socialists called Republicans, both of whom grow government by a relentless legislative onslaught legalizing the jungle savagery of political tribalism and economic cannibalism.

    12. Idiosyncrat – a true believer in and a true practitioner of Idiosyncracy.

    13. Idiosyncracy – the moral law of free will, good will and self-rule.

    14. Lewdicrous – obscenely ludicrous

    15. Metaphorism – a metaphor importing great knowledge and thus working poetically as an aphorism; a poetic aphorism; a metaphorical aphorism.

    16. Hyperbolesm – a deceptively deceiving deceitful hyperbole; an overwhelming expression obfuscating reality

    17. Hyperbolest – one who makes up and who uses hyperbolesms to create a false image of superior knowledge

    18. Ambushwhack – a thoroughly successful surprise attack from all sides

    19. Much gras – Spanglish for muchas gracias

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