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    One Way To Create New Words

    Consider the single-syllable soundset using the consonants ‘s’ and ‘t.’

    Here you would have words like: sit, seat, soot, set, sat, site, sate, suit, sight and sought.

    To create new words in this soundset, you would take unused consonant
    and-vowel combinations in this soundset to create new words such as syt.

    And then you would give it a new meaning.

    You could do this with every single-syllable soundset possible in the English language and you could do it with double-syllable and triple-syllable soundsets.

    Take the word ‘bubble’ for an example of a double-syllable word from a double-syllable soundset.

    Here are other examples of this soundset: babble, bible, and bauble.

    A new word in this soundset could be bebble.

    Now let’s look at a double-syllable soundset which has few existing words in the English language.

    Consider the consonant-and-vowel combinations using the letters b, r, g and l.

    Here are examples of some combinations: brigle brugle, brogle, bregle, breegle, brygle and broogle.

    Have fun creating new words!!

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