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  • The Word Luck

    The word luck probably evolved out of the Celtic word Lugh or Lug
    who was the Celtic sungod which would make the phrase Lady Luck a
    misnomer since Lord Luck would have to be the etymologically correct
    name of the deity of chance for English-speaking people.

    When William the Conqueror invaded, conquered, and occupied England in
    1066 A.D., he brought over the French card game Poque which most
    likely involved a lot of luck to win, meaning the sungoddess Lady Luck
    would be shining down on you in all her glory.

    Outside casinos, people work, earn money and worship a god, and inside
    casinos, people play, win money and worship a goddess (Lady Luck) – two
    totally different value systems – and if you are a practicing Christian, Jew,
    or Muslem and you frequent casinos, you are a hypocrite and an apostate
    who has become a pagan heathen infidel practicing idolatry and apostacy,
    but if you practice witchcraft or some Goddess religion, casinos, temples
    of paganism and barbarism, are your sanctum sanctorum, your holy of
    holies, where you can become one with your deity or deities but only if
    you get lucky or fate’s fickle finger favors you with divine providence
    from the sungoddess Lady Luck in the form of Lady Luck’s provident rays
    (fingers) beaming down on you and wrapping (gripping) you in Lady
    Luck’s love – the golden touch which means that when you play, you just
    can’t and don’t lose because you’re in the zone, in Lady Luck’s
    Embrace or more precisely at one with Lady Luck – and as they say in the
    pool hall, you have a mortal lock on winning, Mr. Lucky.

    Also, take note that the phrase ‘good luck’ is double talk since luck is
    always good and ‘good look’ is the same as saying ‘good good.’ The
    phrase ‘bad luck’ is an oxymoron. To say ‘bad luck’ is the same as
    saying ‘bad good.’ If you say you got lucky or you had a whole lot of luck,
    you are not talking about something bad but something good. Luck
    means Lady Luck is shining down on you and giving you a lovebeam
    wrap. Luck does not mean it’s storming and you’re getting soaked –
    losing your entire savings to the wheels of fortune.

    Copyright 2008 by D.D. Dinardi

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