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  • How to Write a Political Poem

    To write a political poem you must use
    obfuscation, equivocation, prevarication,
    circumlocution, dissimulation, insinuation,

    and speculation. A poem without these seven
    essential elements of a political poem would
    not be a political poem but some other form

    of literary chicanery. A political poem must
    always hullabaloo the hoipolloi by making things
    obscure, by using double-meaning language,

    by deviating from the truth, by using a large
    number of words to express an irrelevant idea
    or a fraudulent emotion, by concealing facts,

    intentions, and opinions under some pretense
    or false appearance, by introducing deceptively
    deceiving deceitful thoughts, feelings, emotions,

    and ideas in a covert stealthy way, and by
    paraphrasing reality inconclusively with an avalanche
    of hocus pocus. To write a political poem you must

    earnestly engage in duplicity complicity. If you do not
    camouflage your denotations and connotations in a
    masquerade of mindnumbing mystical mysteriousness,

    you have not written a political poem but some other
    nonpolitical verse not even remotely similar to those
    politically poetical strategems and those poetically

    political contrivances reminiscently reminiscent of
    the big con euphemistically parading as the struggle
    between the struggle for and the struggle against.

    Copyright 2012 by Larry Ziman;
    Permission to Reprint with Acknowledgment
    for Non-commercial Use Only.

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